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dimanche, 18 novembre 2012 09:08

BYOD Challenges

BYOD is becoming increasingly prevalent, as employees enjoy using familiar technology over corporate-mandated equipment. But since employees may own and possess the devices they're using to do corporate work, how can IT control the security and performance of corporate applications and assets? 

With employee-owned devices, it's a gray area on the amount of control IT has over the endpoint. Can they monitor it, or does monitoring violate employee privacy? Can they take actions to protect the device without employee permission?

Privacy rights of the employee are extremely sticky when dealing with BYOD.

When an employee-owned device is lost or stolen, does IT have the right to remote wipe the device? What about personal data the employee has on the device?

With BYOD, instead of IT worrying about one device per employee, a single employee might use 2, 3 or more devices to access corporate resources.

It should be assumed that BYOD endpoints are security risks, due to a lack of corporate control over the devices.


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