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The world’s most advanced and widely deployed application control solution.

The Bit9 Security Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint threat protection solution and the world’s most widely deployed application whitelisting product. With a single agent, Bit9 continuously monitors and records all endpoint and server activity to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats that evade traditional security defenses.

Real-Time Visibility on Every Endpoint & Server:

No polls. No scans. Once installed, the Bit9 agent continuously provides administrators with real-time visibility into all executables running across their environment, including file creations, file modifications, and registry modifications. Working with the Bit9 Threat Intelligence Cloud, Bit9 provides administrators with trust ratings and actionable intelligence on every file to easily identify and automatically take action against those files most likely to be malicious.

Unmatched Advanced Threat Prevention:

With the Bit9 Security Platform, administrators can take back control of endpoints to stop attacks before they occur by leveraging three distinct forms of advanced threat prevention. Bit9 dramatically reduces an organization's attack surface while providing administrators the flexibility they need to ensure the right balance between protection and access.


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