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The AppGate Security Server uses a different approach to security: protecting the IT assets, not the network perimeter. All users are treated the same regardless of their location, and access to individual systems is granted to authorized users on a needs-only basis. The result is secure, role based access control, a simpler network infrastructure, and much greater flexibility since it is as easy to share network resources with business partners, home workers and mobile users as with internal users.

Cryptzone delivers the functionality required for secure access control including encryption, strong authentication, context aware authorization, granular control of user permissions, full monitoring and logging through its AppGate platform.


When users need to access the corporate network from untrusted computers AppGate MOVE provides a secure and trusted environment which executes from a USB flash drive. It does not use or rely on the hard drive or operating system of the host machine thus providing a truly zero footprint solution.

Working in combination with an AppGate Security Server, the USB flash drive is a bootable device containing a full operating system, the AppGate client, a web browser, an MS Office Suite™ and email client, and other applications for the daily work routine.




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