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INSA offers Fortinet training customized to your individual needs, either onsite at your location or in a classroom environment at INSA's facility.


We can create a curriculum to suit your organizations individual needs, using your equipment or equipment supplied by INSA, at your own location.  Fees are per session and not per student, so you can include as many or as few individuals as you wish.  Besides a customized curriculum we can use a methodology from informal, hands-on ad-hoc on production equipment, to 100% offline laboratory environments with set slides and practical exercises, to anywhere in between, to suit the needs of the team.  We can help arm your group with the skills they need to harness the power of the Fortinet infrastructure in YOUR environment.


INSA offers four individual 1-day courses.  Students can elect to take any number of courses in any order that suits their needs and skills.  These courses were developed by Russ Doucet with the intent of imparting practical and usable information for working with your Fortinet gear and are not intended as preparation for Certification, although they will of course assist with that also.  Students can expect a hands-on interactive experience in a safe lab environment where experimentation is encouraged and instruction is tailored to meet their needs.

Following are the course offerings -- please Click Here for additional information about the courses.

Introduction to Fortinet -- For those new to Fortinet but not new to firewalls, this will get you up and running and understanding how Fortinet approaches security.

Securing the Gateway -- Learn how to contol what comes in and out of your enterprise with such features as Webfilter, Application Control, SSL Inspection and more

IPS and Malware/Botnet Prevention -- Use advanced security features such as Intrustion Protection, AntiVirus, Anti-spam, anti-DOS and more to develop strategies to protect your vital network assets.

VPN with Fortigate -- Learn about site-to site and client-to-site VPNs using IPSec and SSL from appliances, Forticlient software and browsers, how to deploy and troubleshoot and secure these important links.


Please see our EVENTS page for informmation on upcoming events or contact us to be notified when the session you are intersted in is available, or, to set up onsite training for your organization.

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