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INSA is a service and consulting firm specializing in IT Network Security. We recommend and provide security solutions that suit the needs of our clients regardless of their business size.

accelerate 2017January 12, 2017:  INSA Corp named Canadian Partner of the Year .  Read the press release

sscAugust 2017:  INSA awarded the Shared Services Canada Firewall Refresh Contract  Read the Press Release

nse8 logo 7January 12, 2016:  INSA becomes The World's First NSE8 Fortinet Partner as Russ Doucet achieves NSE8, the final level of Fortinet's Network Security Expert program.

  • Information Security

    As a value-added-reseller we specialize in best-of-breed products, establishing solid relationships with companies identified as top right quadrant leaders by Gartner. Our goal is to create a new infrastructure or upgrade your existing infrastructure to provide a safe and stable environment, which accommodates your current needs and future growth. We will implement the technology that best fits your needs—not the needs of our vendors.
  • High Performance Storage

    Transform raw data into valuable information by making it more accessible and simpler to manage. Advanced storage and data management capabilities help you address challenges posed by ever-growing volumes of unstructured data. Storage is an effective element of a deep defensive strategy that enhances your ability to comply with laws and regulations.

    INSA has carefully selected our vendor partners. Each vendor partner must excel in their field, offering technologies or benefits that stand out from the competition to give maximal benefits to their users. We also value integrations, where different vendors can be made to work together to provide more than the sum of the parts -- with INSA expertise to make it all happen.
  • Digital Forensics

    The science of piecing back together electronic data to produce high quality digital evidence. Using digital forensics can help legal counsel identify, acquire, restore, and analyze electronic data for litigation requirements in cases like fraud, theft of intellectual property, computer misuse and contract dispute. As well as identifying direct evidence of a crime, Digital Forensics can be used to attribute evidence to specific suspects, confirm alibis or statements, determine intent, identify sources (for example in copyright cases) or authenticate documents.

About INSA

Formed in 2002, INSA is an independent, privately held company with locations in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City. The Company specializes in IT Network Security and offers multi-threat security systems and solutions to its clients and partners. The Company operates as a value-added-reseller of best-of-breed products.


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  • Address: 17 York Street,         
                       Ottawa, Ontario
                      K1N 5S7
  • Telephone: 613.520.8262
  • eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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